Restart Later [New]

Have you ever been working on a project, and Windows XP pops up a message saying "Windows has installed updates. You must restart your computer now."? You're really into this project, though, and don't want to restart right now, so you keep clicking "Restart Later" on the box that pops up about every 5 minutes.
Or perhaps you've had to take a phone call or do some other task, and return to your computer only to find that it's been automatically rebooted for you, due to this message.

Well, both have happened to me, so I wrote a quick script to automatically click "Restart Later" the second this box pops up, so all you see is a quick flash of the dialog on your screen, and it's gone. And it'll keep your computer from being rebooted while you're away, as well (if your leave your workstation unlocked).

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Restart Later [New]

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